🐇 Down the Rabbit Hole

I’ve always wanted a tiny little slice of the internet I can call my own, but until a few years ago I was stuck in analysis paralysis on how to start. I love finding people’s personal websites, especially ones where you can tell weren’t intended to become something huge, but are just a place the author likes to curate. Here are three personal sites from my list of favorites:

Each one is unique in it’s own way and vary from just HTML and CSS, to clean and organized using a framework, to totally custom and interactive. I could never decide what to use to build a personal website, and I would frequently go down the rabbit hole for different options:

Eventually, I settled on Notion. For me, Notion provides the perfect balance of customization and ease of use. The great thing about creating a personal website with Notion is you could launch a new site in less than 5 minutes. Over time I added a custom domain name, created structure around how I publish blog posts, added a link to sign up for my mailing list, and integrated analytics. In this post I’m going to walk through how you can get started with your personal site in 5 minutes as well as how you can add the additional features I have without having to scour the internet for how-to guides like I did.

⚡️ Quick Start

The easier way to get started with your personal site in Notion:

  1. Sign up for a free Notion account:

  2. Create a new page:


  3. Add some content:


  4. Select “share to web”:


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